Thursday, November 1, 2012

Connor's Halloween TV debut

 Caleb enjoyed the Halloween treats at his school party.
 The boys dressed and ready for trick or treating.  Two went as Ninjas and two were Star Wars guys.

 The kids gathered by the Hermacinski house for the annual Halloween parade that kicks off trick or treating for the neighborhood.

The kids were overjoyed (and not the least bit camera shy) when they arrived at the parade start and found the Channel 8 news truck ready to report from the parade.  The boys stood dead center of the camera when Jay Hermacinski reported live.

This morning we all awoke in a fog.  We were recovering.  Recovering from a week filled with one birthday, Halloween parties galore, and way too much cake and candy.  It's been a fun couple of days, but exhausting and overstimulating at the same time.

Last night was probably the coldest Halloween I can remember.  I bundled in layers and stacked my most unattractive ski band onto my head before I escorted the boys to the annual neighborhood Halloween parade.

Imagine our surprise when we whipped around the bend and sat eyes on not one, but two news trucks.  They were parked and ready to capture the adorableness of this Halloween tradition.

The boys could hardly contain their excitement.  Quickly they rushed up to the camera, eager for a closeup.

I, on the other hand, started to panic wondering what exactly my boys would do when put on camera.  I pulled them over and uttered a warning that would have put the fear of God in the naughtiest of boys.  I reminded them of every single person that could be watching this news:  Memaw and Papa, teachers, our Pastor.  Did they really want to be captured doing anything other than looking adorable?

They shook their heads as if they understood.

The first broadcast went great.  They smiled and quietly complied while our friend and reporter, Jay, broadcasted from the scene.

I let out a sigh of relief and wandered back home to pass out candy while the boys worked their way around the neighborhood with Chris.

Then I got the text from my friend Cara (Jay's wife).  She asked if the boys could be in another segment for the news.  I said yes, but deep down my stomach churned.

Still at home passing out candy, I flipped on the news.  Within minutes, Jay was broadcasting again.  He offered safety advice to trick or treaters.  Several costumed kids lined the shot, but Connor was the only one digging into his candy with reckless abandon, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was on TV.

When Jay finished and shot the feed back to the station, even the news anchors were laughing about the little boy that just couldn't wait to dig into the good stuff.

My mom called seconds after the piece aired in fits of giggles.  I was laughing too.

Later I told Chris we now have the perfect video to show at his wedding.

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