Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back To Back Birthdays

Happy 8th Birthday Connor!

In my last post, I pondered  how my children will view their childhoods later in life.  This question flares up every year at Connor’s birthday.  You see, Connor’s birthday lands exactly one day (and two years) after his older brother’s birthday.  The fact their birthdays fall even a day apart is a blessing.  Connor was due on Caleb’s birthday and my doctor planned to deliver Connor on my due date until I begged and pleaded for her to pick another delivery day.  I desperately wanted to give my boys their own birthdays, even if they were just a day apart.

Caleb’s birthday falls first.  He's birthday king for the day and we spoil him rotten with attention and birthday treats.

Then the next day, it’s like Groundhog’s Day.  Another day of celebrating and of course the celebrating has to be on par with the prior day’s festivities.  Believe me, one birthday cannot appear more special or exalted over the other.  My little boys are taking meticulous mental notes on how exactly each birthday is celebrated in comparison to their brother's birthday.

The cake is perhaps the biggest issue with Connor’s birthday.  It certainly would be easy to place birthday candles on Caleb’s half-eaten birthday cake from the day before.  But, then again I imagine Connor lounging on a therapist couch and lamenting the fact that he never had his own actual birthday cake, instead it was always his brother’s leftovers….the clothes, the toys, and the birthday cakes.

So, Connor’s birthday is capped off with his very own birthday cake.  In 24 hours, we stuff ourselves silly with frosting and forkfuls of cake.  We certainly don’t need to buy/make two cakes in two days, but Connor deserves to know he’s special, an individual to be celebrated.  So, we get another cake to remind him of that fact.

Happy 8th Birthday to my dear Connor.

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