Sunday, December 9, 2012

Being One of Four: Asset or Liability?

 We had a great time at my running friend's Christmas party.  Pictured above with some of my running buddies.

Happy 10th Birthday to Caleb!

Quite frequently, I wonder how my children will remember their childhoods.  Specifically, I question how each will process being one child among four.  Will being raised as part of a crowd be seen as an asset or liability?

Today, I'm imaging Caleb found having three brothers to be a liability.  It was his birthday.  He officially reached double digits!  We had a wonderful day planned out for his birthday.  Church (although Caleb told me he didn't think people went to church on their birthdays....hmm, I don't remember seeing that in scripture), lunch out, followed by a dinner birthday party with lots of extended family expected to attend.

But little brother Cooper had other plans.  Starting around 11 p.m. on Caleb's birthday eve, Cooper began to vomit and continued into the morning until the first dosage of Zofran was administered.  Just like that, plans changed.  The birthday dinner was cancelled.

I broke the news to Caleb gently in the morning.  He was disappointed (perhaps the most because of all the presents he would miss opening!).  I imagined him years later lounging on a therapist couch and announcing, "Wait, wait, my childhood woes get worse!  On my tenth birthday, my celebration dinner was cancelled due to yet another brother!"

We scrambled for a Plan B.  Chris took Caleb out to lunch while I tended to his sick brother.  We had our birthday dinner at home with just our six (talk about leftovers!).  After dinner, the boys huddled around Caleb's chocolate birthday cake with ten flaming candles adorning the top.  Each boy was excited to be part of the celebrating and belted out "Happy Birthday" with much enthusiasm (and a lot of "cha cha chas").  At that moment, as he gazed at his brothers, I'm thinking Caleb found being one of four to be an asset.

Happy Birthday to my Caleb!   

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