Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Happy Birthday Chris!
 Enjoying a sweet birthday treat!
 To celebrate Chris's birthday, we had an overnight date in downtown Indianapolis.  (FYI...To my Indiana resident friends, downtown hotels are offering half price rooms through the month of December!)

Thanks so much to memaw and papa for watching the boys for the night!
 We made our annual trip to the Indiana State Museum to ride the Christmas train and visit Santa Claus.  Along the way, we ran into some storm troopers.  

I think Santa was upstaged!

 Nothing says a Christmas photo quite like a stormtrooper in the picture.  (Stormtroopers bringing attention to a new Star Wars Science exhibit coming to the State Museum in the spring.)

 We ran into fun!

The boys finished up with their museum visit with their annual trip to Santa.  We've finally arrived at the place where no one cries at the sight of Santa.  

Two boys asked for a dog.  I told them to remember Santa can't bring everything they want!


Hearing the news coming out of Connecticut and viewing the images has been heartbreaking (especially as a mom of a kindergarten child that can easily put myself in the place of one of those grieving parent).  It has certainly put life's minor annoyances into perspective.


I'm so grateful for four healthy sons and one husband!  


Joyful for a weekend filled with time with my husband (the birthday boy) and my children.


Prayerful for the grieving families and Connecticut community.  

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