Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Sticky Fingers

 The day after the blizzard made for perfect sledding conditions.  All six of us headed over to Mulberry Fields (or Deadman's Hill as Caleb referred to it) for a good sledding session.  We all had so much fun.

We loved having an afternoon visit from the Henkle family.  Since they moved to England six months ago, we've missed our friends!

I recounted Cooper's latest saga to my friend.  She listened to the sordid tale and then replied, "I think I've heard this same story about a thousand times from a thousand different people."

She's right.  I've heard similar stories too, but the stories have never featured one of my sons.

Our story started on Christmas Eve.  We had friends over for dinner and Cooper and their little girl made crafts at the kitchen table.  As the adults were deep in conversation, their little girl showed off her beautiful project covered with an array of colorful stickers.

I admired her picture and then asked, "Where did you get those stickers?"

She pointed to Cooper and announced that he had purchased the stickers from the store.  Cooper and I did go to the store that day, but we never purchased any stickers.  After I confronted Cooper, the truth came tumbling out.  He swiped the stickers at the checkout counter.

I was livid and began to imagine six-year-old Cooper clad in a bright orange jumpsuit, chains wrapped around his ankles, picking up trash along the highway.  Is this the future he had in store?

As much as I wanted to lock him up in his room for eternity, I thought the best remedy was to take him back to the store and make things right.

With the holiday and the nasty weather, today was finally our day to head back to Target.  I escorted him up to customer service and nudged Cooper towards the counter.  In a hushed voice, he glanced at the clerk and admitting stealing the stickers and asked for forgiveness.  He then paid for the stickers out of his own money (and then the remaining stickers were promptly tossed into the trashcan).

Kudos to the Target salesclerk for not laughing it off or letting out a perfunctory "That's ok."  Instead, she pulled Cooper into a stare and provided him with an explanation of how that Target store deals with their petty thieves.  Cooper's eyes grew big as saucers when she explained that a security guard roams the store and can pull shoplifters into a room to wait for the police if caught stealing goods.

As we left the store, Cooper appeared subdued.  I'm hoping this puts the kabosh on any future he may have as a criminal.

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