Friday, December 28, 2012

Putting the Fun Back in Parenting

Ready to sled!

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an old rerun of the Supernanny.  In the course of one episode, the supernanny guided a family of pint-size hooligans (with two substandard parents) into a model, functional family.  I devoured the episode (feeling a bit like I could relate to the chaos) and mentally jotting down notes on techniques and tips.  It was Parenting 101.  Things I knew, or should have known, but needed a good reminder to implement again.  The supernanny stressed: 1) consistency, 2) positive responses, 3) attentiveness, 4) structure, and 5) fun.

As I sifted through her advice, I realized I've forgotten to have fun with my kids.  I'm not even talking big, gigantic, amusement park fun.  I'm talking about playing a board game fun. Nestling by the fire and diving into a Dr. Seuss book fun. Playing the role of the bad guy while a son maneuvers superhero figurines fun.  Making decadent hot chocolate with four little ones fun.

Today, I was more attentive and had fun with the boys.  Little fun.  Good fun.  This certainly isn't a commercial for the tips provided by the Supernanny, but the boys (and I) had a truly wonderful day.  As the sunset, I realized how I really just enjoyed being their mom.

Thanks to a silly little TV show for reminding me the blessing of my little, fun boys.

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