Thursday, December 20, 2012

Savoring Christmas

 I volunteered in Collin's preschool classroom on Tuesday for the pajama Christmas party.  Collin selected a snug pair of pjs that were a little revealing on his backside.  (I guess when you're three-years-old, that's ok.)  He was so happy at the party and enjoyed the festivities.  
Collin and a friend visited the Children's Museum for the Jolly Days exhibit.  The boys (and I) loved whizzing down the yule slide.
Blogging has been put on the back burner the last several days with cookie making and pretzel dipping occupying my time.   The boys (my little elves) gave out cookie bags to sweet friends and neighbors.

In C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, the evil White Witch casts a spell on the kingdom of Narnia.  She decreed that it would "always be winter, and never Christmas."

Most readers understand the deplorable nature of that decree.  To experience winter without Christmas, to many, would be unbearable.  Certainly, it would be for me.

Since the day after Thanksgiving, our Christmas tree has adorned our living room.  Beloved holiday mementos perch on tables and countertops.  Six crimson and green stockings line the fireplace.  From sunup to sundown, Christmas music flows throughout our house.  And for the last several days, the aroma of Christmas baking swirled among the nostrils of my four hungry boys.

It's Christmas.  I'm so happy.

I told Chris that I am the sort of person that would never tire of gazing at our Christmas decorations.  I honestly think I could comfortably leave up our Christmas tree until Easter, happily hiding eggs between the branches.

Practically, I know New Year's Day acts as the finish line of the Christmas season.  Begrudgingly, I'll strip the house of all its holiday embellishments.  It will look bare, as if it desperately needs some good accessories.  It will be winter, just winter.  I'll miss Christmas.

So, I'll savor the next couple of days before winter fully arrives.

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