Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thou shall not lie...really!

 With three family birthdays in the span of one week in December, we've been forced to spread out the celebrating.  This weekend Connor celebrated his birthday (December 10th) with a few school friends.
At his birthday party, he earned tickets that he could redeem for prizes.  He scanned the prize case and landed on the rings.  He "purchased" two plastic rings with his tickets to give to me.  I was SO touched (and still wearing them).  


It's something we've been working on.  I've been really convicted lately that I need to work on the boys' truthfulness.  Their lies are small, insignificant some may say, but I'm trying to mold their hearts and teach them that "Thou shall not lie" really does apply to them.

Although it's something they've all struggled with, perhaps no one embellishes the truth more than Cooper.  I'd have to say, if I wanted to brag about this sort of thing, he's actually quite good at it.  He can spin a lie into the most intricate, interesting story that makes me literally want to sit on the edge of my seat and beg him to "tell me more."

This morning, I was cleaning out his overnight bag from his trip to his grandparents' house.  At the bottom of the satchel rested a fist-full of coins.  I cupped the coins in my palm and asked Cooper where exactly the money came from.

He shot me a sheepish look and then I literally could see the wheels in his head spinning.

Story #1

Cooper:  I found the coins on the street.

Me:  Really, all this money was just sitting around on the street?

Story #2

Cooper:  No, that's not it.  It was in my bank.

Me:  Hmm, I certainly don't remember seeing that much change in your bank.

Story #3

Cooper:  It's a long story.

Me (pulling up a chair):  I've got time.  Let's hear the story.

I could see the wheels in his head spin into overdrive.

Cooper: Well...

..and so when a long-winded tale where the hero (Cooper) rescues abandoned coins from precarious spots.

After I heard the entire saga, I looked Cooper dead in the eyes and said, "Is that the truth?"

"Well," he started and then stopped before admitting it wasn't the truth.  Cooper plucked the coins from Chris's change jar in his office.

The truth, finally.

Cooper was disciplined accordingly and then I recommended he transform his creative lying skills into creative writing.  I'm thinking he'd be quite good at it!

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