Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wake up Call

Is it really December?  Yes, Cooper is actually wearing shorts and not the least bit cold!  I forced (as several boys complained) the boys to take a nature hike in the unseasonably warm December weather.  

Most mornings I awake early, while my boys are still asleep, and squeeze in an early run.  Sundays are different.  Most Sundays I skip a workout and "sleep in" until the first boy awakes.

This morning, I was sleeping soundly in my bed when I heard the squeak of my bedroom door opening and little feet shuffling along the floor.  I opened my eyes and focused on the vision of a boy clutching his trumpet and moving it towards my exposed ear.

It was as if things moved in slow motion.  I shouted "NO" right before he let out his first puff.

He, being Caleb, sighed and shot me a disappointed look.  Evidently, he thought it would be great fun to wake me (and the rest of the house) up by performing one of his fourth grade masterpieces at full 7 a.m.

Needless to say, we talked about appropriate wake up calls and how inappropriate wake up calls can give family members quite a fright (and the possibility that they could soil their sheets).

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