Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wood Boys' Caroling Troupe

My little caroler.

Cooper, my adorable little six-year-old, has transformed into the human version of the energizer bunny.  On a normal day, his energy level rivals even the most spirited kids, but throw in Christmas (and the consumption of mass quantities of sugar) and Cooper surpasses his competition.  He was on fire, literally running circles around the house counting down the seconds until Christmas.

Just when I had about enough of Cooper's energy, he asked, "Why haven't we ever gone caroling?"

I muttered under my breath, "Perhaps because none of us can sing."

Cooper continued, "I want to go caroling."

Great idea.  A win-win: Cooper burns off some energy and spreads the Christmas cheer (or laughter) into the homes of neighbors.

Cooper solicited his little brother, Collin, for the first house.  They practiced singing a choppy rendition of Jingle Bells.  Collin even clutched a bell and swayed in time with the beat (well, sort of).  Once they felt confident in their performance, they took their act to the streets.  They insisted they should perform without adult supervision, so I watched the boys walk over to the Duncan's house without the benefits of hearing the audio.

A few minutes later, I called Mrs. Duncan.  Between giggles, she filled me in on their front door performance.  Evidently, the boys experienced some stage fright (and Collin's pants were unbuttoned).    The boys belted out a few notes before abandoning their caroling aspirations.

They walked home with heads hung low.  I encouraged more practice and they solicited another vocalist, Caleb, to their caroling troupe.  With newfound confidence, they returned to the Duncans with a new, improved act and then visited another neighbor's house too.  (Caleb even brought his trumpet to one house and performed a few notes of a song that had nothing to do with Christmas.)

As much as I'd like to believe I have the next Jonas Brothers on my hands, I'm thinking they best stick to a (captive) audience of neighbors and family members!

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