Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Celebration Alone?

 Collin and I celebrate our birthdays together at my parent's house.
 Collin is so excited to open big presents.
After all the celebrating, Caleb and Papa enjoy a board game.

On my birthday eve, Chris offered to give me a little "time off."  He suggested I spend the afternoon alone doing, well that was up to me.  I was ecstatic and began formulating plans for a glorious, peaceful afternoon.  I imagined spending hours meandering through the mall or sifting through the racks at a book store.

That never happened.

One child needed discipline.  I changed my plans to watch that child endure an extended time out at home while Chris left with the other boys for a planned afternoon outing.

Sure, I was disappointed, but I quickly came up with a Plan B.  Time at home would be just as fun, I reasoned.  I'll work on my writing and other home projects.  Feeling sleepy, I opted for a nap instead.

Minutes into my slumber, a son burst through my door.  He loudly exclaimed, "Mom, we decided we couldn't leave you on your birthday so we all came back."

I opened one eye to see him perched next to my bed waiting for my reaction.

I tried not to groan.  

Within minutes, Collin sustained an injury (with chopsticks, don't ask) and another twosome began to argue.

Plan B...officially out the window.

Plan C.

Time with family.  Maybe a chance to squeeze in an errand alone.

And so went the afternoon.

How birthdays change once little ones are in the picture!





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