Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why I Make New Year's Resolutions

 Chris really enjoyed a visit from his pal, John Reynolds.  We've missed him terribly since he moved to North Carolina.
 Caleb looks festive as he celebrates the New Year at last night's New Year's Eve party.
 At the party, the kids could got their faces painted.  This is Cooper's decorated face at the party.
He insisted on wearing the paint to bed (and frankly we were too tired to fight him).  I was a little shocked when I saw him in the morning looking like this (totally forgetting he went to bed with the paint on his face).

A few days ago, I pulled out my spiral notebook and drafted a complete page of New Year's resolutions.  My list was complete, thorough, lengthy.  I held out high hopes that in 2013 I would be a better mom/wife/friend/person.

This morning was the first day of the new year.  Within an hour of awakening, I had already failed miserably on many of my resolutions.  I was sipping a Diet Coke [Resolution: Limit soft drinks.], munching on a cookie [Resolution: Cut out sweets.] while surfing the internet [Resolution: Waste Less Time.], wondering how I failed so fast.

I read that only 8% of people that make resolutions actually stick to them.  I certainly believe it.  With such low success rates, it makes one wonder why crazy people like me even bother.  

For me, I think deep down I know I'm not going to meet every single resolution spelled out on my list.  But maybe, just maybe, I'll meet one or two.  And even if I don't meet one or two, maybe I'll just get better...at something.  Perhaps I won't totally remove soft drinks and cookies from my diet, but I might just eat a few more carrot sticks in between the brownie bites and squeeze in a couple more glasses of water in lieu of diet sodas.  To me, that's a success!

Happy 2013!

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