Saturday, January 26, 2013


 Enjoyed a Thai lunch this week with my sweet friend, Cara.

 Collin invited a few preschool/neighbor friends over to our house for a casual birthday party.  At Collin's Batman birthday party, the kids had to crawl under "laser beams" to get to the treasure.  

 Then, they played "Batman, Batman, Joker." The Superhero version of "Duck, Duck, Goose."
 A pizza, apple, and goldfish lunch followed the games.

 A Batman cake was the favorite part.

Of course, Collin appreciated the present opening the most!

Caleb has a classmate infatuated by diseases.  His friend is so enthralled with the subject that he planned a party to educate his classmates on the topic through games and other activities.  He called it the "Parasite Party."

Caleb was giddy about the party invite.  Although Caleb is more of a reptile guy, I think he appreciated the fact that a fellow classmate held such a passionate and distinct interest (like him).

Today was the party.  I picked him up two hours into the celebrating.  He waltzed into the car happy.  Without me digging for details, Caleb said, "I feel sorry for Nicholas.  He spent so much time preparing for the party and lots of the kids didn't appreciate it."

I almost jerked the car off the road.  He statement was so darn sweet and more importantly so...empathetic.


It's something I've rarely seen from Caleb as he tends to stay in his little bubble, vastly unaware of the emotional responses of others.  But today's comment gave me hope.  He did understand the emotions of another and it made him sad.

I showered Caleb with praises on his comments, hoping to encourage a greater awareness of the emotions of others.  I hope he could tell I was happy, over the moon excited, about his consideration.

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