Friday, January 4, 2013

Injured or Attention-Starved?

My injured little guy

Two posts in a day...a record.  Here is the follow-up story of Cooper's injury from the previous post.

The Facts:  Cooper's finger was slammed in a brother's door.

The Disputed Facts:  Whether said injury was inflicted as a result of an accident or an intentional act of vengeance is still in dispute.

The Issue:  Did said injury merit a visit to the ER?

Cooper's Opinion: You betcha.

Mommy's Opinion:  If a copay was involved, his injury would be cured with the application of a bandaid and a kiss.  (I noticed his perception of the severity of his injury seemed to be impacted by his audience!)  But with a Dad who is an ER doctor, I caved and we traveled to Chris's emergency room.

DR. Daddy's Opinion:  He immediately sized up his pint-sized patient:

Patient:  Six-year-old little boy
Injury:  Petite "Boo-Boo"
Rx:  TLC

Treatment:  Chris adhered gauze and bandages to Cooper's injured finger and palm.

Necessary:  No
Appreciated (by Cooper):  Absolutely

The Result:  Cooper glowed as he showed off his "serious injury" to his brothers.  He turned into quite the diva as he announced that because of his injury he should be able to pick lunch/TV/radio station/and so forth.  He also reminded me his injury prevented him from doing certain activities like clean his room or fasten his own seatbelt.

The Ultimate Result:  I think we groomed a future hypochondriac! 

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