Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Putting Things In Perspective

 The temperatures hit the 60s this weekend!  The boys and I hiked at a local park.  (Yes, Cooper is wearing shorts...in January!)  They had a blast throwing rocks into a semi-frozen pond and watching the ice crack.  The little things!
That night the rain came and the cold returned.  I think we all felt a little like this.

It began Saturday night. A torrential rainfall pelted our house.  By Sunday morning, showers continued, but in a softer, more sporadic fashion.  

The rain took a toll on our house.  It flooded our basement and seeped through an upstairs window.  As I scanned my saturated house, I was officially over rain and water.  My mood turned foul.  My countenance soured.

Later that night, from a pocket of dry space within the house, I worked on an article on Zambia I'm writing for my church.  I conducted a phone interview with a parishioner who leads mission trips to Zambia. He talked about the drought that plagued Zambia over the summer.  He said a Zambian pastor arose every day at 3 a.m. to search desperately for water for his village.  The church stepped in during the crisis and purchased a well for the village providing water for many.

After I finished the interview, I thought about how much of my day centered on water.  

Our water nuisance.  

Zambia's water crisis.  

It certainly put things into perspective.  I decided right then and there not to complain.  

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