Monday, February 25, 2013

The celebrity in the Sunday school class

 Caleb yelled at me from the kitchen, "Come watch density in action!"  He was so excited about his homemade kitchen chemistry project.

 The boys and I visited neighbor Sy and her daughter Allyssa at their Japanese booth at the library's International Festival.

Guess what's missing!

Chris picked up Cooper from his Sunday school class.  Cooper's Sunday school teacher greeted Chris at the door with a panicked look on her face.  Chris glanced down at Cooper.  Blood was streaming down Cooper's face and onto his shirt.  The Sunday school teacher quickly explained: Cooper lost a tooth in class.

In Cooper's world, this Sunday school class ranked right up there with a visit from Jesus himself.  The amount of drama and attention he received from wiggling a tooth free made him absolutely giddy and transformed him into the celebrity of the Sunday school class.

It wasn't just any tooth: it was the front tooth.  Every time he flashed a grin, I couldn't help but chuckle.  My perpetually jolly son took on the look of a jack-o-latern or a hillbilly.   And when he spoke, his words sounded a bit like Elmer Fudd.  I giggled some more.

Cooper didn't seem to mind the laughter.  He lapped up the attention and found creative ways to make the best out of the situation.  For instance, he discovered the gap between his teeth made a nice entry point for a straw.  And, he enjoyed the challenge of finding new ways to eat crunchy foods.

But most of all, he loved the thought of the tooth fairy paying him a visit.  He tucked his fallen tooth into the folds of the tooth fairy pillow and prayed she would come through in spades by the morning.  

Cooper looked happy as he dozed off to sleep, pleased with the day.

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