Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sweetest Valentine's Gift

The boys wanted to spend part of their long weekend at kidsCommons in Columbus.

I've certainly received my fair share of thoughtful Valentine's gifts over the years.  Chocolates.  Flowers.  Cards.  A thoughtful gift or two.  But this Valentine's Day I received a truly remarkable gift: answered prayer.

This year, Valentine's Day was uneventful.  Chris worked a night shift, so I spent the evening alone with the boys.  We made the best of it.  The boys and I ate pasta and then cuddled on the couch in front of a Charlie Brown Valentine's special.

Bedtime followed.  I tucked each boy into bed with a few books and a round of prayers.  When I came to Caleb, I asked if I could pray for anything for him.  He squirmed and didn't answer.  I prodded a little further.  Then, his words came tumbling out.  He said he wanted to become a Christian.

I almost fell off the bed.  

We certainly hoped and prayed Caleb would make that decision, but knew it was his decision to make.  Caleb has been my one son that's not warmed to religion.  He's freely expressed his doubts.  He's a science guy and a lot of his questions revolve around how science and religion gel.

A little part of my found this frustrating.  Why can't he just believe?  But a larger part of me found it refreshing.  I knew if and when Caleb chose to believe it would be a well-thought out decision and one that he wouldn't take lightly.

On Valentine's Day, Caleb accepted Christ.  I knelt by his bed and cupped his hands in mine.  We prayed.  Love filled the room. 

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