Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Box

 We had our Valentine's Day dinner early so as to accomodate Chris's work schedule.  The boys loved our special Valentine's dessert.  
 Enjoyed time with Caleb at his class Valentine's party.  As much as this picture looks otherwise, I swear he had fun!

Collin displayed his Valentine's goodies: a Batman swimsuit and a chocolate box.

Last night Connor said to me, "I'm too busy. Do you think you could make my Valentine box for school?"

I paused and then replied, "Sure.  My favorite color is pink, so the box will be pink.  Also, I'm going to write, 'I Love My Mom' or 'My Mom is My Valentine' on the side."

A concerned look shot across his face.

Funny, suddenly he found the time to make the box himself.

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