Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vegetarian or Carnivore?

Caleb displays his latest art masterpiece.

Cooper pulled up to the dinner table.  He glanced down at a plate filled with broccoli florets and slices of roast beef.  Immediately his countenance soured.

"Mom," he cried.  "Remember, I'm a veterinarian."

"Vegetarian," I corrected.

He smiled, "Yes, I'm that."

As a vegetarian myself (and a daughter of two vegetarians), I am extremely empathetic to those who choose the meat-free lifestyle.  However, Cooper's vegetarian status seems to wax and wane depending upon the type of meat served.*  Should chicken nuggets or hotdogs be a dinner option and Cooper is pure carnivore.  If the meat gets any fancier, like chicken encrusted in "green stuff" (herbs), than he's magically transformed into a vegetarian (and not afraid to tout his new status).

Tonight, I told Cooper we fully support his decision to engage in a healthy vegetarian lifestyle.  I assured him we would help him with his new dietary endeavors by purging all the chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and pepperoni pizzas from the refrigerator.  We would also pump up his diet with tofu, beans, and plenty of fresh veggies.

Cooper shot me a concerned look and then took a bite of roast beef. 

*Even though I am a vegetarian, I do serve my carnivore husband (and children) meat for dinner.

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