Sunday, March 3, 2013

Night Shift Mommy

 Cooper moving dirt today (his idea!). 

This is Collin.  I found him asleep behind a chair this afternoon.  Such is the life of the fourth child!

Lately, I've put 110% into my parenting.  I've tried extra hard to be more Mary Poppins and less Peg Bundy.  I think I've made great strides.  Let me clarify:  I've done a good job during my normal parenting day, but I'm still struggling with the overtime hours.

Somewhere I've definitely this notion that once my boys are tucked into bed, I'm off the clock.  At that time, I feel like I've earned the right to lounge on the couch or dive into a novel with absolutely no one to worry about but me.

That's where the frustration comes in.  

As of late, I have two little boys that pop out of their beds more than the critters in the Whac-a-Mole game.  The minute I've reclined on the couch, they appear.  They need something...a drink, a snack, a book.  They want to air their grievances...a brother is too loud, a brother took a favorite book, a brother shot a funny look.  They want to share a story...did you hear what was for lunch today?

It's about this time where I realize nice mommy only works during the day. Mean, impatient mom runs the night shift.  The night shift mommy doesn't want to listen to stories that would have been cute an hour earlier.  Night shift mommy won't say, "Sure sweetie, I'd love to get you a drink."  The night shift mommy doesn't really care what problems one brother has against another brother because there shouldn't be any problems if both boys are in their beds!  Night shift mommy will bark, scowl and be generally disagreeable until she is left ALONE.

The problem with the night shift mommy is that she can eradicate all the wonderful memories and progress made by the day shift mom.  And so the night shift mommy is in the process of retraining.  She realizes that while the night shift can be exhausting to work, it still needs to be done well.

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