Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sick Days

Sick days!

Sometimes I blame myself.  I wonder if the mass quantities of sugary desserts I devoured while pregnant with Cooper (thanks to some heavy cravings!) somehow transferred in utero and permanently set Cooper's energy level on high.  Practically from birth, he whizzed around the house at a speed that would make the Tasmanian Devil dizzy.  He never seemed to tire and appeared most comfortable in the midst of commotion.

Two days ago, I found Cooper reclined on the couch (as in stationary!).  I did a double take and immediately checked his forehead.  As suspected, he was warm.  Within minutes, he was racing through the find the toilet.  He was sick.  Really sick...with a nasty stomach bug.

He missed school for two days and spent his time in a very un-Cooper like fashion.  He was so darn calm.  It was scary!

I savored the last two days.  Cooper and I enjoyed some quiet moments together.  I read him a handful of Magic School Bus and Curious George books.  We watched movies curled up on the couch.  We even indulged in an extended nap, wrapped up in blankets.  Several times during the day, I found myself almost cradling him on my lap.  The last time I did that, he was a newborn!

As much as I adore calm Cooper, I know it's not him.  Cooper is energetic and spunky and exhausting and fun.  Get well soon, Cooper.  I miss the old you!

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