Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow Storm

March weather madness!

For the last week or so, I've been a tad cranky.  I realized that my cantankerous mood was directly correlated with the frigid late March temps.  My temperament certainly didn't brighten when I heard the first predictions of a winter storm.  The local meteorologist displayed a radar map with a big blue blob blanketing the mid-section of the country with a direct path our way.  I desperately prayed the blob would somehow dissipate before it hit our state line.  No such luck! 

As predicted, the snow hit and walloped our yard.  After breakfast, I pulled on some snow boots and grabbed a ruler.  I slipped out into the snow and sliced the ruler through the white piles until I felt it hit the ground.  According to my (unscientific) calculations, nine inches of snow flakes rested on our lawn (with more falling throughout the morning).

School was cancelled.  Our first snow day of the season!  The boys greeted the snow and the day off school with pure delight.  They raced outside and spent over an hour frolicking among the flakes.  Then, we pulled out the snow sleds and traveled to the best sledding hill in town.

We spent our afternoon warming up indoors.  We switched back on the fireplace and cries rang out for hot chocolate and marshmallows.

As much as I wanted to hate the spring storm, I started to appreciate the unspring-like scenery and the precious time I enjoyed with my boys.....but not enough to want it to last very much longer.

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