Thursday, April 25, 2013

A yard full of pets waiting to be discovered

After ten years of parenting I don't even flinch when an entire crayon box cascades to the floor (as long as little boys help clean up the mess). 

I pity the creature that ventures into our yard.  I certainly can't guarantee his/her safety.  You see, I have four nature-loving sons that manage to "love" on any animal within their path.  Their deep expressions of adoration leave many animals, well, lifeless.

They're not cruel boys.  They don't squeeze or stomp.  They inspect and handle...maybe a little too much.

Squirrels are too fast for them.  Birds are too high.  But the insects are within perfect pawing distance of little hands. 

Last week, they unearthed a slug.  They immediately adopted him into our family and affectionately named him "Sluggie."  The boys created a home and provided nourishment for their new cherished pet.  Sluggie became a source of great entertainment and conversation for days on end.

Sluggie didn't fare so well in last week torrential rainfall.  (Yes, Sluggie's home is outdoor!)  One morning, Caleb peered into Sluggie's home and noticed that he appeared exceptionally dormant.  Caleb tried everything to encourage a response from his listless friend.  

Finally, Caleb pulled a salt shaker out of the pantry and crept over to Sluggie's home.

I questioned, "Caleb, what are you doing?"

"In the Bible they used smelling salts to arouse the dead.  I'm going to try that on Sluggie," he replied.


 Where to start?  

Smelling salts in the Bible?  Not ringing a bell.

Smelling salts to arouse the dead?  I'm not sure it's a proven technique.

But I let him try.  I watched as he sprinkled his friend.  Caleb's expression soured as Sluggie remained motionless.

I soothed my son.  We recalled all the good days with Sluggie.  Then, I reminded him that Sluggie probably has a family nestled somewhere beneath our mulch piles.

Caleb smiled.

Thanks for all the prayers for my sister's surgery.  It went very well and she should be returning home soon!


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