Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hitting the Morning Finish Line..On Time

Chris helped Connor and neighbor friend Stephen practice baseball skills.

Chris strolled into the house around 9:30 a.m., fresh from work.  He pecked me on the cheek and tossed out, "How did the morning go?"

I shot him a look of disdain and then took a swig of Diet Coke followed by a forkful of cake.  (Yes, it was that kind of morning!) 

"Well," I began.  "Collin's wearing soccer cleats to school."

Chris furrowed his eyebrows and opened his mouth to speak before wisely holding his tongue.  Then, he started to smile.

I couldn't help smiling too as I rehashed the events.  The morning started off smoothly.  Four little boys happily devoured breakfasts and easily slipped on school clothes.  I even found time to catch up on a few emails and wash a couple of dishes while the boys breezed through their morning routines.

But, what I have learned in my decade of parenting is children are not out the door until they are physically out the door.  So often, we almost hit the morning finish line when an unexpected, last minute kink threatens to push us back to the start.

This morning's "kink": shoes.  Shoes!  Two boys were already sitting in the car waiting to be escorted to school when Collin realized his standby, white tennis shoes were muddy and wet from yesterday's yard play.  

Option #1 shoes are out.

Option #2: Crocs.

Only could find one.

Option #3: church shoes.

Collin was completely and utterly distraught by the thought of even considering wearing church shoes to preschool.

I thought about forcing him, but at this point my blood pressure was rising and his anxiety was peaking.  I remembered a pastor once talking about a family arriving at church on time, but sinning all the way there (due to anger and strife).  I thought the same about school.  I wasn't going to push the two of us into a full out rumble over church shoes.

Option #4: soccer cleats.

Soccer cleats it is.

After I dropped Collin off in his classroom (yes, his teacher noticed he was wearing soccer cleats!) and I returned to my car, I noticed the missing Croc sitting on a car seat.  That's when I deemed it a Diet Coke and cake sort of morning.

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