Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sleeping with the Enemy

A happier moment between two brothers.

Lately, we've fallen into a wretched bedtime routine.  Each night, I'll tuck two roommate brothers into beds and then flip off the lights.  At that moment, everything seems fine.  The room is darkened and the boys are quietly reclined on their respective bunk beds.  I'll breathe a sigh of relief and slip into my bedroom.  I'll pull out a coveted book and collapse into a chair, savoring the precious silence.

Just when I'm settling into my book, it starts....the complaining, the crying, and the fighting.

Each conflict centers on super important matters of contention, like:

-is the door to be left open, slightly ajar, or completely closed,

-can the CD player belt out music during those moments when two boys are attempting to slumber (and then the secondary issue of what music will be played), or

-will the nightlight be flipped on or off.

Each boy holds passionate views on every issue.  Neither wants to budge.  Coupled with fatigue (theirs and mine), these nightly conflicts can end our evening on a sour note.

One boy has begun an "I deserve my own room" campaign.  As he sees it, we're withholding one of his most basic human rights by forcing him to be bunk with a brother.  He certainly can rattle off a zillion of his fellow classmates that inhabit single bedrooms.  "Good for them," I'll respond with a smile.  He'll scowl.

Chris and I have talked about whether we need to reconfigure the boys' bedrooms.  Perhaps this combination of boys just doesn't work.  Maybe some children do need their own rooms.  But then I think, one day he'll have a roommate and (hopefully) a wife.  Learning to share a room with a sibling is the best hands-on training possible for those future living arrangements.  One day when he's faced with a quirky, unruly, mess of a college roommate, he might not even flinch.

As for now, the boys will continue to be roommates.  One day, I'm thinking they'll thank me for it.  Well, maybe.


  1. It could be worse! Luke now shares a room with his younger sister. This entire school year they have been sharing a room, due to Gus getting up earlier for middle school. He pretends he doesn't like sharing, but I have to wake him up every morning because he sleeps so well in a pink painted room.

  2. Kelly: Too funny! I'll tell Connor others actually DO share a room!!