Saturday, April 27, 2013


 A pre-race pose with my running buddy.

 At the starting line.
Ready to go.
 We're off.
 Our cheering section.
 Finishing.  Notice, Caleb is in front!
 Holding the special plaque from Papa.

Papa and Caleb post-race picture.

My father handed Caleb a present.  Nestled between the scraps of tissue paper sat a plaque.  Caleb's name and hometown were inscribed on the front.  Then it read, "Winner, first race."

Later, I thought how the plaque differed from the typical award one receives at a race.  The plaque didn't name Caleb as the overall winner or an age group winner, just as a winner by the fact he ran a race.

I couldn't agree more.

Today, Caleb finished his first 5-K race.  For 12 weeks, he faithfully trained three days a week.  I watched him transform from a couch potato into a runner.  It was amazing.

I didn't nudge Caleb into a running plan with the intent of grooming an elite runner, but rather I wanted him to learn a few things during the process and increase his fitness level along the way.  

The last few weeks, Caleb learned the value of working towards a goal.  He saw the fruits of his hard work.  And, I think he developed a sense of satisfaction from reaching his objective.

As we approached today's finish line, Caleb sprinted ahead.  I had a burst of pride as I watched him blow past the finish line.  

He was a winner.


  1. Becky!! Sooo excited for Caleb...I love the pics and plaque...I am so proud of you and him for together completing this awesome goal!! yay team caleb!! :) I know you are about to burst with pride...and be out about a hundred bucks :) matt and i are cheering you all on from the bahamas!!!
    auntie heather

  2. Thanks Auntie Heather! Wish I was sitting on the beach with you right now!!