Sunday, May 19, 2013

Doctor Prom

 Junior Prom 1991 with my dear friend Erin.

 "Doctor" prom 2013 with my hubby.  We spent Saturday night at Chris's hospital fundraiser dinner.

 My man!
 Love that this gown doesn't include shoulder pads, sequins, or big bows!

Such a pretty night!

Last night I slipped on an evening gown.  It was the first time I'd pulled on formal wear in over a decade (minus the occasional bridesmaids dress).  I whined about the hassles of gussying up for the night.  I wanted to hate it, but I just couldn't.  Playing dress up is fun, even at the age of 39.

It took a village to get me ready for the event.  A fashionista friend lent me a dress and another hairdresser pal curled my locks.  I slapped on a fistful of makeup to conceal rapidly multiplying wrinkles and I thanked the Lord for well placed undergarments that tucked, lifted, and flattened in just the right spots.  The finished product was, well, as good as it gets.

As I primped and coifed, my mind drifted back to my junior and senior proms.  I thought about the differences between my high school proms and last night's "doctor" prom.

At "doctor" prom:

-I wouldn't try to ditch my date all night.

-I could comfortably walk around candles knowing my hair wouldn't ignite.  (I didn't wear the gallon+ amount of hairspray I caked on at junior and senior proms!)

-I would be pleased as punch to arrive home before midnight. (Somebody's got to wake up with the kids in the morning and remember the babysitter is on the clock!)

-My fancy "ride" for the evening would be a well-loved minivan littered with Goldfish crackers and Pirate's Booty.  (What convertible?)

-I wouldn't hear "Sea of Love," walk through a tunnel of intertwined turquoise balloons, or clutch a decorative 1992 commemorative glass filled with pink lemonade.

-Without raising an eyebrow, I could spend the night with my date:)

At "doctor" prom, the teenage awkwardness was gone.  I was comfortable in my much older skin and smitten by my date.  Who knew prom could actually be enjoyable!


  1. hahahahahahaha You are so funny!
    You look beautiful! :) Glad you had a fun time!

  2. Hope you're not mad that I broke out an old picture! Love the hair!!

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