Saturday, June 1, 2013

Entering the Next Era: Middle School

 It's official:  Caleb's in middle school!  Seems like just yesterday I was fastening him into the car seat carrier and rocking him to sleep!

We loved attending Caleb's last day party and award ceremony.  Caleb, my little bibliophile, won the voracious reader award.

Caleb wrote this poem about graduating from Lower School.  It made me cry!

 We had little time to celebrate our other two "graduates" (Connor, a new third grader, and Cooper, a new first grader) because we dashed to South Bend right after school. 
 Storms pounded Grandma and Grandpa's house in South Bend, but produced some beautiful skies.
 The storms continued overnight and the sky still looked menacing minutes before the start of the South Bend half marathon.
After the first mile or two, the skies cleared and I finished the race amid the sunshine.  It was a memorable finish on the Notre Dame football field.  Chris was giddy to be in the stands!

The end of the school year is always crazy, but these last few weeks have been insane.  Our days were packed with final projects, concerts, ceremonies, and art shows.  We (Chris and I) organized both a school and neighborhood party, purchased teacher gifts, and wrote thank you notes.  All the while, life continued.  A house needed cleaned, laundry had to be washed, and meals must be prepared.

I was so busy that the boys' last school day snuck up on me.  As I sat (yes, finally sat!) and watched Caleb's last day ceremony, tears welled in my eyes.  Caleb, my firstborn, was graduating lower school.  He was a middle schooler!  In the midst of the busyness, I never had a moment to reflect and, well, grieve the end of an era and the beginning of another.

There's something about middle school that seems so much more mature.  Middle schoolers don't invite a friend over for a play date; they hang out.  Sodas replace juice boxes.  Cartoons aren't as cool as tween dramas.  It's a new world and I'm lost!  I'm happy in the old world where little boys race around Matchbox cars and giggle at Elmo.  For years I thought that world was difficult; now it seems so easy.

Caleb's my first born.  He's my guinea pig.  We'll learn together how to survive/thrive (hopefully!) through the middle school years until we have it mastered, but at that point he'll probably be ready for the next stage and the next step.

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