Saturday, June 15, 2013

Lessons Learned from a Washington, D.C. Vacation

 One of their most favorite DC experiences: the Metro.  (Chris was mortified that I took this picture on the Metro!)
Mere feet away from Barack and Michelle? 
 Next stop after the White House: the Lincoln Memorial.
 After Lincoln, we traveled back to the Smithsonians.
 No trip to DC is complete without a visit to one of the MANY ice cream trucks.
 Last stop of the day: the Capitol.
 The next day, we toured Mount Vernon.  
 The third day was spent at the American History Museum.  Is the country ready for President Cooper?
After an endless amount of walking (says the boys), many breaks were requested/begged. 
 No one had trouble falling asleep at night.  
 One day, the boys walked the DC streets in their Reds t-shirts, presents from Papa.  They received much grief from Washington Nationals' fans!  
 When there's nothing else to do, why not?
 The last afternoon was spent at the zoo.
We love that Caleb just hit a phase where he is an adventuresome eater.  (Although the kiddie menu offerings are much easier on the wallet!)

On day three of our Washington, D.C. vacation, we cruised around the city streets in our minivan.  As we jetted past 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I motioned the boys towards a white structure perched nearby (the same building we had admired up-close just days earlier).

"Does anyone know what we are passing?" I quizzed.

Connor grew excited.  He squealed, "Yes, the Choco Taco truck!"

Connor's statement perhaps best sums up the boys' memorable moments from Washington, D.C.  Sure, they found sights like the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol to be grand, but they were most wowed by the "charms" of big city living: the endless parade of mobile food vendors, the array of street performers, and the disheveled individuals clutching signs that warned of imminent doom or the perils of Big Brother.

The moments Chris and I found to be monumental (like attending a Senate session) didn't hold a candle (in the eyes of the boys) to:

-the "finds" peddled on street corners or in the countless souvenir shops.  (In case you're wondering who is the target audience for Washington, D.C. shot glasses/aprons/salt shakers/bath mats, look no further than my boys!)

-the Metro experience (I'm still trying to mentally erase the image of one little son licking the Metro pole!)

-the hotel elevator buttons (never to old to find pushing them fun!)

Nevertheless, the boys DID learn a thing or two from our museum visits and landmark stops such as:

-Mexico is not a state.

-Bo, the Obama's dog, cannot be buried in Arlington Cemetery.

-George Washington is no longer president.

(Yes, these were all questions asked by the boys!)

No vacation is perfect.  When we faced challenges, I took solace in the fact that the mental health professionals' convention was being held at our hotel (complete with a suicide prevention and substance abuse tables)!

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