Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mommy Knows Best...Not This One

A few days ago a friend unloaded her problems.  One of her children was being especially obstinate.  I listened intently to her woes and heartache.  And then I literally couldn't stop myself.  Instead of just being a good listening ear, I took it upon myself to verbally assault her with my "wealth" of parenting knowledge.  I channeled my inner Dr. Spock and spewed out every trick, tip, and philosophy I could unleash until both of our heads were spinning. Within a moment, I turned into the parent I despise: the know-it-all.  (Ah, how easy it is to dole out parenting advice.....for other people's kids!)

Proof positive that God has a sense of humor, today I found myself in the same situation (times four).  One (or four...depending on the moment) son(s) was/were a hot mess.  I really don't know where to start (or end).  Their naughtiness seemed never-ending and far-reaching.  Their antics seemed to grow exponentially with the hour as my patience waned per the minute.

When I was practically at my breaking point, I ran into the same friend I offered advice to just days earlier.  I was eating crow, BIG TIME.  At that point, all I could do was laugh.  Mid-full-on-belly-laugh, I apologized for playing "Super Nanny" just days earlier.  I vowed that the next time I offer up advice, it will be "what not to do" from my own personal experience.  

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