Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Connor with swim buddies before the rain put a kibosh on the meet.

A few boxes entertained all the boys for a complete day.

It wasn't even 7 a.m. and my morning was traveling south, fast.  It was the day of Caleb's allergy testing and to say he wasn't jazzed up about the morning would be an understatement.  The fact that over a dozen needles would pierce his back put him into full-out panic mode.

He whined, scowled, pouted, cried.  He even walked into the car shoeless.  (I guessed it was a barefoot protest of sorts.)

During the commute, he made his feelings known again and again and figured since he was on a roll, he might as well toss out additional demands for a McDonald's breakfast.  Stuck in rush hour traffic, I rebuffed his requests for McDonald's fare.

Once we reached the office, I had to physically escort him into a waiting room chair.

Just about that time, one of his classmates waltzed into the waiting room carrying a McDonald's breakfast.  Of course.  We exchanged pleasantries and I announced the reason for our visit.  That's when his friend decided Caleb needed the honest truth about what was about to happen.  He unleashed a very graphic description of the allergy test.  He said: 

They don't prick you really, it's like they DIG in the needles.

Boy's father tries to hush him.  

I think the needles twist when they're in your skin.

Me:  It's really not that bad.

I almost passed out.

At this point, I almost couldn't contain my laughter.  It was as if this classmate was planted in the waiting room to make things go from worse to WORSE.

Amazingly after his friend's vivid details, Caleb followed the nurse into the exam room and cooperatively participating in the test.  He said, "This isn't so bad.  My brothers do MUCH worse."

Perhaps the most painful part of the morning came when the doctor announced that Caleb was allergic to dogs and cats.  If there's a kid out there that should have a dog, it's Caleb.  

The doctor suggested we wait a year or so before we'd even consider getting a dog, time for Caleb to acclimate to a regiment of allergy shots.  Caleb took this as "We're getting a dog in just one year...for sure."  After the morning's trauma, I didn't have the heart to correct him. 

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