Friday, July 19, 2013

Excursion Days: Cures for Conflicts

 The boys had a ball at the Fort Wayne Zoo.

Ivanhoe's ice cream in Upland, Indiana was a huge treat!

A friend recently booked a cruise with her kids.  After she described the cruise features and amenities, she said, "I just want to go some place where I won't yell at my kids and everyone gets along."

We laughed.  If that place exists, I've yet to find it.

Today I felt a little like my friend.  I was ready for a day where my "yes" responses outweighed my "nos."  A day where the laughter exceeded the sighs.  (A mom can dream, right?)

I deemed today an excursion day−a day guaranteed to minimize conflict−and allowed the boys to select an outing (within reason).  They picked a trip to the Fort Wayne Zoo.  Done.

We packed up the car and made the trek to Fort Wayne.  The zoo was smaller than our "big city" zoo which in some ways made things easier for one mom greatly outnumbered by her boys.  We traveled past lions, monkeys, and zebras.  They stroked a giraffe's cheek−a first.  We piled into a log ride and sailed past a pack of wallabies and kangaroos.  They brushed a goat.

The 90-degree temps finally caught up with us and we cooled off at the renowned Upland, Indiana ice cream shop, Ivanhoe's.  With over 200 choices, the boys mulled over their decisions with the same intensity as naming a child.  When they finally made a decision−an orange sherbet milkshake and Kit Kat sundaes, they were pleased with their choices, as evidenced by the speed in which the treats were devoured!

During the entire afternoon they were angels.  Not a cross word or even a scowl.  

By the time we reached home, we were all still basking in the glow of our day. But then things started to unravel.  I blame it on fatigue.  One boy lost his Friday night movie privilege.  His response: I'll change my heart if you let me watch the movie.  Hmm...not sure it works that way.  Double sigh.

Welcome home.

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