Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kids are exhausting and expensive, but I'd have it no other way

Caleb was in heaven during the reptile show at Town Hall.

This summer, I've tried to spend individual time with each boy.  Every son seems to have a favored activity.  For Connor, he prefers any game that is painfully long and never ending.  This summer, his favorite choices include:

-kickball with just the two of us playing (can you only imagine how long that takes?)

-monopoly (no explanation required)

-checkers (I've heard this game can move swiftly, I've just never personally experienced it)

During those moments when I've circled the Monopoly board for the millionth time or run around the kickball bases until my head spins, I think about why I'm doing it.  I internally chant, "It's because I love him.  It's because I love him.  It's because I love him."  Amid these marathon games, I've been thrilled to discover Connor really opens up to me.

Today Connor and I squared off in a mean (and endless) game of checkers.  As we were nearing 45 minutes of play, Connor tossed out a random comment.

"I'm only going to have two kids," he announced.

I questioned, "Why?"

Connor engaged in a monologue about how kids are a lot of work and expensive and maybe if he was an NFL football player (like he plans) he could afford more than two kids.

I found his explanation both amusing and distressing.  Obviously he put some thought into the whole thing, but did his words mimic some of the sentiments that have escaped from my own mouth?  Have my whole "money doesn't grow on trees" lectures gone a little far?  Have I complained one too many times about exhaustion and fatigue?

I gathered my thoughts and told Connor that kids are expensive, but it's the best money we've ever spent.  They're tiring too, but I'd rather have my four little boys than rest.

He listened, but didn't comment.  I listened too and learned a thing or two about what I say and what little boys hear.

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