Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mom Super Powers

Collin sustained a tiny cut on his nose that he insisted required a huge bandaid.  All day, he looked like he just had a nose job or required a Breathe Right strip.

Collin and a friend frolicked in the basement.  They dug into our costume bin and pulled out a heap of old Halloween costumes.  Within seconds they transformed into Superhero mutts with a Batman cape, Superman shirt, and Spiderman mask ensemble. 

Costumed Collin asked his friend, "What's your super hero power?  We can each pick three."

And so began a lengthy, four-year-old-style discussion on superhero powers, including pros and cons of each.  One tossed out fire-breathing power and the other countered with invisibility.  One wanted to scale walls and the other thought ninja powers were essential.

I started to think about my own superhero powers.  What kind of superhero powers do moms need?

The first powers to pop into my head included:

-the ability to eat large amounts of chocolate without gaining a single pound (if I'm really being greedy...perhaps even losing pounds along the way)

-the ability to snap a finger and find a four course dinner on the table

-the ability to transform naughty children into cherubs (mute cherubs at times)

-the ability to age and never wrinkle

and so it went.

But then I got serious and wondered what super hero powers moms really need.  If given the choice of three powers, I'd select:

1) The power of endurance

I want the power to endure whatever physical or emotional challenges come my way without breaking a sweat or shedding a bucket-full of tears.

2) The power of wisdom

I'd love to be wise-Solomon wise.  I want the power to know how to handle everything from ketchup stains to "the talk." 

3)  The power of perspective

I pine for the power to distinguish the big deals in life from the small ones and react accordingly.  

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