Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oasis amid the chaos

 Blogging seems to be on the back burner as life has been busy. First part of the week, we played with the Miller girls and neighbor friends.  
We got a kick out of watching neighbor girl Tate chauffeur Cooper, clad in wizard wear, around the block.

 The two youngest boys completed their last summer swim lesson.  Collin received his swim certificate and ran through the kick board congratulation line.

 Spent Friday night on the prairie with the symphony.  The Brinkruffs accompanied us to this cool July performance.

Finished the weekend with family in Cincinnati.  We enjoyed visiting with Uncle Matt, Aunt Heather, Aunt Andrea, and cousins.

Friday night I relaxed on a prairie with my husband and friends.  We plopped down blankets and chairs on a hill among a few hundred others.  We unpacked coolers and created a savory spread: an assortment of vegetables, fruits, crackers, and dips.

Our little prairie offered the most spectacular pastoral views.  We sat amid cornfields with patches of trees and brush outlining the horizon.

Within minutes, a makeshift stage glowed and the crowd fell to a hush.  A vibrant harmony swept over the prairie, a brilliant combination of winds, horns, and percussion.

The evening felt little like July.  The temperatures were brisk.  So chilly, in fact, that we swept up our picnic blanket and wrapped it around our knees and torso for warmth.

Snuggled under a blanket, among the stars, with friends, and full bellies, surrounded by the most amazing instrumentals...we were happy.  I thought how one would never assume this prairie sits just miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It was an oasis.

In a busy, tumultuous week, it was welcomed.

It made me think refuges can always be found among chaos.  Perhaps they are not as grand as a symphony orchestra on a prairie, but they can be just as peaceful.

This week, I found refuge in several things:

-focused prayers,
-long runs where I could become lost in my thoughts,
-page-turning novels,
-precious moments with friends and family. 


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