Monday, July 15, 2013

The Little Things

 Feeling adventurous, we rent a double surrey and tour around downtown Indianapolis.  We quickly learn our ride was less of a social outing and more of a workout (especially when only the parents are peddling).  Collin misses it all as he was spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.
 The boys land at Camp Springhill.

 Chris enjoys another stint as the Camp Doctor.  
 Connor is thrilled that his cabin includes many best buddies from school.
Connor snags a favorite spot right away.
 Caleb stays next door to Connor at the "big boy" cabin.
 The camp mode of transportation for the kiddos.

 The non-campers tour the Hendricks County Fair.  We were wowed by the Miller girls' 4-H projects.
Erin, always the bad influence, encourages Collin to wear this Hail Purdue sticker.  Can't believe he is smiling while wearing black and gold! 

The boys and I stopped at Subway today.  As I ordered my sandwich, the boys explored the refrigerator.  Collin snagged a Powerade from the top rack and then glanced my way to gauge my reaction.  Delighted by my silence, he begged "Please?"  Insert puppy dog eyes and angelic smile.

I wanted to say "no."  No is a word that slips off my tongue with ease and frequency, but in a surprising turn of events (for all of us) I said "Yes."  "Why not?"  "One for Cooper too!"

The boys clutched red Powerade bottles and pranced around the restaurant as if they just won the lottery.

The Subway employee took in the scene with a smile.  He finally said, "It's the little things, right?"

I laughed and said, "I guess after 30, it's not that exciting anymore."

He nodded in agreement.

Later, I thought about our conversation and wondered, if Powerade is no longer exciting, what little things make me giddy at the tender age of 39.  I reflected back on the last several days and concluded that these "little things" shoot me over the moon:

-Little boys endless enjoyment over the hunt for pond creatures.  Watching boys squeal with delight when they cup a squirmy frog in a palm.

-Attending a church camp worship service with hundreds of teenage counselors.  Knowing good teens exist and fill the room.

-Grandparents kissing grandchildren goodbye and wishing them well at camp.

-A childhood friend who holds the same place in my heart today as she did when we were five.

-Free stuff from the fair.  (Candy, water bottles, plastic doodads, parking)

-Sweet text messages from my husband.

-A moment on the couch with my six year old.  He clutches a Dr. Seuss book and recites the silly phrases.  His words are disjointed, but sound sweet all the same.

-Two little boys playing with Legos without one single spat or harsh word.

My reactions to each thing are not be as bold and dramatic as my little boys' responses, but I'm just as happy.

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