Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Mom's Limit: Snakes

Caleb received a letter today.  That in itself is enough to make him giddy.  He ripped open the envelope and pulled out the letter.  

He gasped and squealed.  He screamed, "I made it into the Hoosier Herpetological Society!"

In Caleb's little world, it was as if he was drafted for the NFL.

What's one mamma to do other than fuss all over him for his "accomplishment."  We jumped up and down, hugging each other.  (Keep in mind the admission process only includes a $15 check and a completed application!)

I read over the letter.  It was an invitation to a society canoeing outing "teaming with wildlife" that promises northern water and queen snakes' sighting along the course.

My husband thinks he's working that day (conveniently).  He suggested I take Caleb with his three other brothers on the trip.

Let me get this straight: You want me (and only me) to take four young boys on a canoe with snakes slithering around.

I'll do a lot of things for my sons.

I'll sit in the school cafeteria and join them for lunch.

I'll chaperone field trips.

I'll watch games, matches, and shows.

I'll help with homework.

But accompany four sons on a canoe ride that guarantees an intimate viewing of northern water and queen snakes....

No thank you.

A mom does have her limits.

I told Caleb I'd gladly attend the next society meeting with him that is on dry land with any snake 50 feet away and behind glass, otherwise....ask dad.

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