Friday, August 2, 2013

Liking My Kids

 No, this isn't the Hoosier Herpetological Society canoe trip (see prior post).  We (the family) took our annual canoe trip on Sugar Creek.  
 Connor asked to be captain and did a great job manning the ship's bow.
 Collin was a superb passenger.
 Skipping stones is quite possibly a boys' favorite pastime.
 The real muscles behind the canoe:  Dad.
 The canoe ride ended at this historic covered bridge.  So pretty!
 We had to replenish the calories burned with big bowls of ice cream.  Up the Creek Boat-ique', an eclectic eatery, hit the spot and included an actual boat in their dining pavilion for the kids to roam.

We pulled our canoes onto a rocky beach and pulled the picnic basket onto the shore.  Little boys jumped out of their seats and rushed towards the goodies.  They inhaled sandwiches and chips seemingly without taking a breath.

With full bellies, they selected prize pebbles and plunked them into the water.  Plop.  Plop.  Plop.  This went on for what seemed like hours. 

Chris and I stood on the bank soaking in the scene.  Not once did I scream, "No," "Stop That," "What on Earth are you doing?"  "Even banshees don't act like that!"  (OK, the last one I don't really say.....that often!) 

I cut into the silence and said to my husband, "It's so nice to have a day where you realize you really do like your kids."

He laughed.  

It sounded mean.  

What I meant was, I always LOVE my kids, but somedays they prove hard to like—the days when the squabbles and sassiness outweigh the smiles.

Today was refreshing.  On a canoe ride out in the middle of rural Indiana, without life's little distractions, I was truly able to focus on the boys.  They weren't talking to me while I scrubbed pots and I wasn't shouting at them while they sat glued to a television show. I was completely focused on them and they on me.

As we paddled in unison, I began to appreciate their unique little personalities.  They each made keen observations, witty comments, and good conversation.  They appreciated the process of paddling down the river, focusing less on the final destination and more on the journey.

As we neared the end of the trip, I realized they were all just so...likable.


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