Monday, August 19, 2013

Madison Mini Marathon

 We took another race road trip.  This time to Madison, Wisconsin and we brought along precious cargo: our husbands.  
Claudia and I competed in the Madison Mini Marathon.  (Pre-race picture above.)  The course was beautiful.  It snaked around the University of Wisconsin campus, scenic neighborhoods, and gorgeous nature areas.  Before I arrived, I vowed not to like the University of Wisconsin—me being a Hoosier and all—but it was hard not to like.
 After the race, we traveled over to the mega farmer's market around the Wisconsin capital.
 What's a trip to Wisconsin without trying cheese curds? 
 ...or baked goods!
 After pumping ourselves with calories, we cruised around Madison on two wheels.
Thoroughly exhausted from the run and ride, we found respite by the water.  
 The next day, refreshed and (not really) ready to go home.  
 Our two favorite cheerleaders.
Last stop before home:  New Glarus, Wisconsin.

Claudia said we needed to have a word to describe the weekend.  A word.  Hmm.  We tossed out socks.  (Inside joke.)  Funny, but I wanted something more.  I wanted a word that really captured the essence of our few days away.  The problem was I could never pinpoint just one single word.  Many words popped into my mind.



With its rolling hills, crystal clear lake, and architecturally stunning homes and buildings, we were awed by Madison. Chris declared it love at first sight.  I called it like, reminding him that Madison may not be as attractive in January!


There really is something to the whole Midwestern hospitality thing.  Every single Cheesehead we encountered could not have been more welcoming or friendly from the food servers to the people on the street.


I love college campuses.  There really is no need for a car.  And so we traveled by foot or bike to every single place we went.  We were exhausted by the end of the day from our numerous treks, but the good kind of exhausted.


All of the activity made us hungry.  We ate our way around Madison, devouring everything from cheese curds to pizza to gelatos.  (May be the reason I managed to gain a few pounds over the weekend!)


We treasured all our time with dear friends.  They are delightful traveling companions.  They make us laugh.  We love them more every time we travel together!

Thanks so much for our babysitters, Grandma and Grandpa Joseph. We so appreciate you watching our kids!

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