Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things I've forgotten: the thrill of visiting the school nurse

 First day of Middle School!  Caleb picked out his first day attire!
Cooper was over the moon to be wearing this new accessory from the school nurse!
 Grandma sent pictures of the goings-on at home while we were away for the race.  Love Collin's action shot!
 He actually touched the ball!!  Progress!
A weekend group shot of the babysitters and our crew.

Around the last day of school, we parents always get the same spiel from teachers.  We're encouraged to maintain our children's scholastic skills over the summer.  Twelve weeks is a long time, they tell us.  Things will be forgotten.

As we've entered into a new school year, I've realized just how much can be forgotten over the course of a summer.  Namely, things I have forgotten like:

  • It takes extreme precision to assemble school lunch boxes with just the right balance of foods they actually like and those that contain at least an iota of nutritional value. 

  • Children hold strong opinions on school-ready attire and will fight you tooth and nail (minutes before the school bus arrive) over the appropriateness of a shabby pair of sweatpants. 

  • No morning is ever "regular" and there's always some sort of kink that can pull everyone into a tailspin.  
I'm out of practice, you see.

I also forgot about Cooper's affinity for visiting the school nurse.

Four days into the school year, I was rummaging through Cooper's school folder when I stumbled upon that familiar yellow note.  On official school paper Cooper's medical visit was outlined.  Under cause of visit, the nurse scribbled "bandaid."  When asked, Cooper motioned to a week-old injury covered with a fresh bandaid.  An owie, yes.  School nurse visit, no.  I explained the difference.

The next day, I riffled through his backpack again.  Pulled out the same school folder and jerked out...another yellow note.  Groundhog's Day anyone?  Cause for this visit?  A lost tooth on the playground.  A needed nurse visit?  Perhaps not, but Cooper wasn't about to miss out on an opportunity like this.  Cooper knows one important thing about losing a tooth at school: It scores you a plastic tooth necklace from the nurse that will quickly become the envy of many first grade companions.

We gave Cooper a pass over this nurse's visit seeing that a plastic tooth necklace was involved, but reminded him AGAIN about the appropriateness of school nurse visits.  I'm giving it a week before he returns, but that may be progress.

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