Monday, August 5, 2013

What Not To Wear....Ever

 Caleb was SO excited to win the library's summer reading grand prize: a NOOK!
 We had a great day playing at the park with the Mitchell girls.
Can you guess which one didn't want to go on the hike?

I believe there are two types of children in this world:

1)  Children that don't give a whit about what they wear (and therefore can easily be dressed and primped by a parent),


2)  Children that hold strong opinions on appearance and fashion.

The latter group looks stylish, well-groomed, sane.

The former group?  Like a pack of colorblind hobos.

Statistically speaking, in a posse of four offsprings, some children should fall into both categories.  However, for some of us *lucky* moms, every single one of our children can be lumped into the former group.

For years, I squabbled with various sons over questionable fashion choices.  With each new dispute, I took solace in the fact that at least they are boys.  I may be jostling over the appropriateness of wearing tattered sweats to the Christmas concert, but my friends with daughters were fighting over sequined tube tops and pleather skinny jeans.  Ha!

My smugness diminished as of late.  I have one son that's whipped up ensembles that would make even Lady Gaga cringe.  I'm not sure the look he's going for, perhaps a cross between a hip hop mogul and a vagabond.  I shield my eyes every time I see him waltz out of his room wearing his latest getup.  With every fiber of my being, I fight the impulse to cover him in a bath robe and beg the school principal to mandate school uniforms.

I struggle with knowing how to handle the boys and their fashion choices.  Do I:

1)  Keep in mind it's only clothes?

There are fights to be fought, and clothes fall down low on the list of priorities.


2) Save him from his own fashion missteps?

Will he look at old photos one day and think, "Why on Earth did my mother let me wear those acid washed jeans paired with a members only jacket and jelly shoes?"  (Wait, that was me!)

Confused, I asked the best mother I know (my own mother) her thoughts on the matter.

She said:  I think the way kids dress attract similar friends.  What friends do you want your children to have?

Good point, perhaps not the colorblind hobo ones.

She added:  Tell your boys they can wear whatever they want at HOME.  When in public, they can take some fashion advice (mandate) from their parents.  

Got it.

Armed with a plan, my goal is to transform four fashion don'ts into dos... one bad t-shirt and sweat pant at a time.   (A mom can dream, right?)

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