Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boston Marathon Bound

My cheerleading section at my Boston qualifying race.

Yesterday I received some much anticipated news; I was officially accepted into the Boston Marathon!  To say I was excited would be an understatement.  Running the iconic Boston Marathon has been a dream.  (A nightmare sometimes, depending on the training run!)

I knew qualifying for Boston would be tough.  I've heard the statistics.  Runner's World Magazine said only 10% of finishers who run U.S. marathons qualify for the Boston Marathon.  But as my son's swim coach says, "We don't know our limits until we push them."  And so I pushed and ran, and ran some more.

Running the Boston Marathon is important to me.  I decided it would be my birthday present for my 40th year.  In some way it has eased my feelings about hitting this milestone year.  At 40 and beyond, I vowed not to be "over the hill" but to run over the hill (Heartbreak Hill, that is).  As they say, age is only a number and the only number I plan to wear proudly is my Boston Marathon bib number.

Can't wait to run down Boylston Street in April! 

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