Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cool Enough for School Cafeteria?

Lunch buddies!

Yesterday, my plans changed and a free hour was left wide open.  I decided to surprise the boys with a guest appearance at their school lunch tables.  

Eating lunch in the school cafeteria is an experience. I wasn't a big fan of the whole school lunch scene the first time around, and decades later it appears as if little has changed.  [OK, one big change...I've heard (via my boys) that peas are no longer served with lunch.  Back in my day, it was a school lunch staple and the bane of my existence!]

Connor was giddy to see me.  He immediately pulled me into a hug and paraded me around the room like I was a celebrity.  I felt a bit like a rock star as we walked arm in arm.  We sat at the table and giggled with his friends over a silly game of Telephone.  It was glorious!

Cooper's lunch was different.  I greeted Cooper by the trays and tried to pull him into a hug and plant a kiss on his cheek.  Cooper pulled away right at the moment I was leaning forward and puckering up.  It was like a scene from an awkward first date where the suitor is left smooching thin air.

At the lunch table, Cooper permitted me to sit near him...a few seats over.  I tried my darnedest to play it cool for the remainder of the lunch period, not fessing up to the group that we were in any form related.  As he left, he allowed me to snag a "high-five."

Cooper's lunch period confirmed in my mind that there is such a thing as karma or pay back (whatever term one prefers).  Several decades ago, I was Cooper.  As attractive, smart, and wonderful as my mother was then (and now), I did not embrace her warmly when among my peers.  She was my mother, for pete's sake, and mothers can't possibly be cool (so I said back then).

As the years progressed, my mom's cool status rose and I grew into a Connor.  I was proud to parade her around and eager to be in her presence.

And so I walked away from Cooper's lunch without a bruised ego.  Give it a decade, I told myself, I'll be redeemed in his eyes.  

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