Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Blessing of Children

Cooper, our little salesman, about to embark on his first round of Boy Scout popcorn sales around the neighborhood.
When Fall officially began on Sunday, Cooper was ecstatic.  He couldn't wait to rake leaves.  Too bad there's few fallen leaves!

I wrestled with what to post today.  As always, I have plenty of material.  The boys didn't disappoint with their share of funny antics and discourse within the last few days.  As another boy mom said, "We don't make these things up; we just record them." 

But my heart isn't in to writing funny today; it's too heavy (broken, really).

A little seven-year-old girl in our town is battling Leukemia.  Since her first post, I've followed her Caring Bridge site religiously.  Months ago, the news was positive, hopeful.  Things were looking good.  But then she took a turn for the worst.  Her health declined, drastically.

This morning's news was dismal.  My stomach twisted into knots and fresh tears streamed down my face as I read the latest.  

The boys watched my reaction.  They know a little about this  child's battle and have sent the family cards and included her in prayers.  At the breakfast table, I gathered them around for more urgent prayers.  As we offered up petitions for healing, I peeked an eye open; every single boy had their hands folded, eyes closed, bearing an expression of deep reflection.  Nothing short of a miracle!

After the prayers, I announced, "I'm sick for that mother.  I would be devastated if anything happened to one of you!"

Connor piped up, "Well, at least you'd have three more sons!"

I couldn't suppress a smile through the tears.

"True," I said.  "But no one can replace the loss of one child.  No one."

As the day progressed, I busied myself by tackling a rapidly expanding to-do list.  Number one on the list: plan a birthday party for Cooper.  As I contemplated all the money and effort involved in a party, I groaned.  Party planning is not my gift.  But then I thought about birthday parties.  We hold birthday parties to celebrate another year of life.  Another year of precious time with that child.

Today I am grateful for experiencing the "hassles" of planning a birthday party.  I pray that mom has another birthday party to plan for her daughter too.  

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