Monday, September 2, 2013

Vacation's Little Pleasures

The rough life of a six year old!
Grandpa's Party Boat.  (Sure wish Cooper would get over his fear of the camera:))
 Connor and friend Nicholas pose with first mate"Hannah Banana."
 Cooper and cousin Grace took the first ride on the tube.
 Connor and Nicholas went second.  
 Last but not least, Chris and Collin rode at a more modest speed.
 The highlight of the weekend for Chris was going to a Notre Dame football game with Connor and friends.  
 The highlight of my weekend: attending our friend Ashley's wedding.  
 The beautiful bride and her handsome groom exchanging vows.  
 After the ceremony, I snagged a moment with the gorgeous bride.  
 Loved sitting with my friend Ali at the reception.
 First dance!
 The highlight of the boys' weekend: Grandparent time!
One more shot!

We'd been on the road for maybe 30 minutes when a little boy in the backseat whimpered, "My tummy's not feeling good."

I did what I always do when I receive this sort of news: try to talk him out of it.

"I really think you look fine," I chirped.  "Your cheeks even look a bit rosy, like you got some color this weekend!  You simply glow!"  

Unconvinced, said son repeated his mantra.

"I bet if you simply close your eyes it will all go away," I suggested/dreamed.

He moaned.

Plan B:  Bribery

"I just know a nice piece of gum will make you feel better," I gushed.

He cradled his stomach and began to take on a greenish-tone.  

Plan C:  Stop the car ASAP.  

Houston, we have a problem.  

We squealed into a gas station and I slid open the van doors.  Within seconds, said son shot his head out the van and spewed vomit all over the grounds of pump 11.  Sincere Apologies to that lucky Speedway Gas Station!

Now that's when you know you're on vacation!

Our "vacation" weekend was spent at Grandma and Grandpa Wood's house in South Bend.  At one point in the weekend, Cooper confided in Grandma, "The best part of vacation is watching TV in the morning!"  (A novelty in his world!)

Ah, I thought.  It's the little things that's truly make it a vacation for the boys.  

On vacation to Grandma's house, the boys:

-drank root beer at dinner,
-slept on an endlessly entertaining air mattress,
-inherited a 2008 pocket calendar (Cooper acted as if he won the lottery!),
-discovered Grandma's stash of donut holes (Caleb sniffed that one out!),
-and on went the list of amazing "little things" that made their vacations.  

I realized that it's the little things that make a vacation for me too. 


-never washed a dish,
-placed not one single finger on a laundry machine,
-sat on the couch and did....absolutely nothing.
-and on and on went my list of vacation pleasures.

It's the little things that made this weekend fun and indeed fun was had by all.  

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