Monday, September 9, 2013

What We Got From the Fall Festival

 We snagged curbside seats for the Zionsville Fall Festival parade.
 Waiting for the parade to start was hard for little boys.  So much excitement!  (Note Cooper's right hand.  Cursing the lady that handed out cowbells to little spectators!)
 The boys were absolutely giddy over the amount of candy they received!
 The Zionsville Eagle generously donated to the boys' bulging candy stash.
 Caleb's friend Nicholas joined our crew.  

Post-parade, the festivities continued at the carnival in the park.  This ride was more Collin's speed (literally).  

 After a full day at the Zionsville Fall Festival, we headed over the Indianapolis Airport to welcome back the Indy Honor Flight.  Friends and family members packed the airport atrium eager to greet World War II veterans from their trip to the World War II monument in Washington, D.C.

 Great Uncle Bud was one of the returning World War II veterans.  
 Cousin David had a sign too.  
 Connor waved his sign proudly.
 Enjoyed visiting with other family at the airport:  Aunt Kathryn, Cousin Laura, and Aunt Linda (among others).

The weekend after Labor Day is a favorite for our family; it's Fall Festival weekend in our little town.  The boys know one important thing about the weekend: they will walk away with stuff, and lots of it.

The accumulation of stuff began at the parade.  The minute our backsides landed on the curb, we were handed plastic sacks big enough to store a wardrobe.  Within seconds, the first goodies arrived.  A balloon from a local insurance agent.  A toothbrush from a dentist.  A pencil from a politician.  And so it went.

The bags were already starting to swell when the parade started.  That's when candy rained down like manna from heaven.  Each float, fire truck, police vehicle, cheerleader tossed out stray pieces.  The boys lapped up the candy as if they hadn't touched a lick of sugar in years (as if).  By the end of the parade, each boy lugged around enough candy to stock the Halloween goody aisle at Target.

But it didn't end there.

We followed the parade with a trip to the carnival.  At the carnival, the boys became the proud owners of a blowup hammer, plastic ball, and (wait for it) another goldfish.

The acquisition of the goldfish caused a ripple effect of new purchases (or begged for purchases).  I told Chris it was a bit like "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie".....

If you give a kid a goldfish, they'll need an aquarium tank.

And so you'll purchase an aquarium tank.  Then, you'll realize the tank needs decorating.

You'll purchase a plastic palm tree and some rocks.  Despite the tree and the rocks, the fish looks lonely.  So, you'll purchase more fish.

Once you've purchased more fish, you realize all the fish need more food.

You'll buy food.  Then, the boys will insist the fish need more friends.  They'll plead for more pets.

(Caleb suggested we buy turtles.  He said, "They're great animals because they won't attack you in your sleep!"  Whew!)

Anyway, the truth is.....

If you go to the Fall Festival, then you'll became the proud owner of stuff.

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