Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seasonal Denial Disorder

We spent our last day of Fall Break at the Indianapolis Zoo with the Miller girls.  

I know I'm an amateur shrink, but I've diagnosed my boys.  I believe they all suffer from "seasonal denial" disorder.  Those inflicted are easy to spot.  They are the ones still sporting flip flops and short shorts when everyone else is bundled in turtlenecks and overcoats.  They are stuck.  They have become so accustomed to the prior season that they don't want to leave it for the next.  They like the clothes that they have been wearing for months.  They appreciate the weather.  Why leave?

So they don't.

For example, take this fall.

Although the calendar says October, my boys prefer to stick with August.  Each morning, they emerge from their rooms clad in shorts and a light weight t-shirt.  They refuse to grab a coat or mittens.  They seem completely oblivious to the fact that the weather is hovering around freezing and most other individuals are dressed for snow.

They need an intervention.

I've tried different techniques.

#1 Rational thinking

There's frost on the window; maybe a swim suit is not the best choice.

Problem with this approach:  They often aren't rational.

#2  Logical consequences

You can wear sandals to school.  If the snow happens to numb your toes, remember I have a warm pair of boots ready to wear.  

Problem with this approach:  They'd rather have a toe fall off than admit they are cold.

#3 Peer Pressure

I notice you're the only one in class wearing a tank top.   

Problem with this approach: They like their individuality.

#4 Compromise

If you wear pants, the coat is optional.

Problem with this approach:  They don't like to bargain.

#4  Mommy Mandates

I don't care how warm you feel, pants on.  Period.

Problem with this approach:  Prepare for sulking and huffing.

I've heard there are others out there.  Friends say their children suffer from this disorder too.  Some say they've even found success.  Their children eventually get it.  They dress for the weather!!

But then I see a teenager standing in the freezing cold clad in shorts.  

I start to worry.  

Maybe there's no cure?

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