Sunday, October 20, 2013

We had a GRAND Time on Fall Break

Grandpa and Grandma Wood made the trip down from South Bend to attend Caleb's Grandparent Day.  
 This picture of Grandma Wood and Grandpa Joseph was featured on the school's Facebook page.  Love the smiles! (Thanks Cara for the heads up on this photo!)
What a handsome bunch!  So blessed to have Grandparents!

Friday started Fall Break.  Chris was working all weekend, so I recruited Grandma and Grandpa Joseph to chaperone/assist with our fall break tour of southern Indiana.  
 We spent our first day at Indiana Caverns near Corydon, Indiana.  Grandma Joseph received extra grandma points for taking the 1 1/2 cave tour (down three flights of stairs and on an underground boat ride!) with her four grandsons.

 Notice the hunched back.  Wonder why?
 Check out the ceiling height?  This trip was not for the claustrophobic!  
 Later, above ground, the boys searched for "gold." 
 They were ecstatic over their "finds!"

 After our cave excursion, we headed to the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth, Indiana.  The restaurant offered absolutely gorgeous views of the Ohio River.  Our gang is standing in Indiana with Kentucky in the background!  
 Saturday morning, the soggy weather delayed our Holiday World plans.  We passed time at the Children's Museum of Evansville.
 A few hours later, the rain stopped (although the warm weather never returned!) and we hit Holiday World.
Cooper barely made the 48 inch height requirement for the Raven roller coaster.  Grandma Joseph coached him on how to flatten his back and stand on his toes.  Love the wisdom our children glean from their grandparents!  My little daredevil loved his first trip on a "big boy" roller coaster.
 My typical amusement park wardrobe consists of shorts and flip flops.  Not in October!  Notice the three layers and gloves!  

 Grandma Joseph earned extra, extra points for this one.  Caleb wanted to ride an even bigger roller coaster than the Raven.  I was chicken, so my mother (yes, my mother...Caleb's grandmother!) agreed to accompany Caleb on the ride!   
 We loved having Grandma Joseph along as he was the men's bathroom chaperone.  

Did I mention Holiday World offers free drinks?  

Free Drinks=Frequent Bathroom Breaks=Papa spending 90% of his Holiday World time in the men's room with little ones!

Funny story:  At one point, we couldn't find Collin.  Caleb spotted him in the men's restroom completely nude from the waist down.  Papa had to recover him.  My mom and I were in hysterics as we watched men emerge from the restroom giggling.  We could only imagine what was going on within the confines of the restroom.
 On Sunday, we landed in Bloomington.  My sister and her kids joined us for the last leg of our trip. 
Last stop:  the Wonderlab in Bloomington! 
From Bloomington, home.

Exhausted.  Happy.  

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