Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Crooked Christmas Tree

During the last several months, our tree sat dormant in our basement, nestled within the confines of a storage box.  Sometime during that hibernation, the tree sustained an injury (or perhaps a kink).  Whatever the case, the tree that once stood tall now sags to the right.  Our tree top angel is clinging to a branch for dear life.  It is like the Christmas tree version of the Leaning Tower of Pizzazz and makes the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree look like a fine piece of craftsmanship.

I gazed at our lopsided tree and weighed our options.  We could:

A)  purchase a new tree,

B)  nurse our tree back to its former self,

C)  creatively arrange ornaments,

D)  put everything else in the room at the same angle to ensure uniformity, or...

While I mulled over our choices, the boys raced to the ornament bin and before I could say, "Merry Christmas" began strewing the contents among the branches.  (Well, clumped is a better word!)  Clearly, they cared little about whether their tree was Pinterest-worthy.

Looking at the tree's hunched, imperfect form reminded me of a promise I made last Christmas season.  After I spent last Advent season focusing more on Christmas cookies than little boys' hearts, I vowed to make a change.  I swore I would spend the next holiday season concentrating on the important stuff, the true reason for the season.  I promised to stop obsessing over the details of the holidays.  I would steer clear of a pull to create the perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas at the expense of a meaningful season.

And so I decided to go with Option E:  Our crooked Christmas tree will stay in its current form as a reminder of what the season will be for our family.  In the least, it will bring a smile to my face!

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