Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Because I Said So

Little siblings/Boy Scouts-to-be (Collin and friend Dean) at the Boy Scout hay ride and cookout. 

Grateful not one single son ended up in the ER after this!

The sign one son had a really good time!

Connor and Cooper loved having army vet Papa attend their school's Veteran's Day program.

We celebrated Papa at the school's Veteran's Day program (with Memaw, Papa, my boys, and cousin Joseph).

Collin eyed up his plate.  His gaze landed on the heap of roasted vegetables stacked in a corner.  Immediately his expression mirrored his emotions.  A "No Thank You" (or something stronger) scowl covered his face.

He pushed his plate away.

I pulled it back towards his torso.

He whined and unleashed his thoughts on the validity of vegetables in his daily diet.

I listened but remained resolute; those vegetables would find residence in his tummy.  The question was would they arrive easily or under duress?

Coming to terms with the fact that his momma would not back down, Collin fussed, "Why can't I just do what I want?"

His words made me smile.  An honest, heartfelt statement from the mouth of a babe.

I ruminated on how to respond.

Because the Bible says to honor your mother.

Because I know best.

Because it's good for you.

But really I wanted to dole out one of the hard, true lessons of life: Because that's life; we can't always do what we want to do.

I thought about Collin's words several times over the next several days and how perhaps this is a struggle we adults face too (or is it just me?).

Life post-field trip has been full.  Within that week away, I fell out of practice being a mommy to four young boys.  Returning to the carpools, homework, meal preparations, siblings squabbles, laundry, and on and on, has been an adjustment.  During those moments when I am trying my darnedest to catch up with life and my little ones are trying their best not to let me, I want to scream, "Why can't I do what I want!" (like tackle that big pile of laundry or send out a complete response to a single email).

The answer is....Because.

Because I have four young sons.

Because they require care/attention/training.

Because it's ok not to have an immaculate house, quick responses to every single email, laundry stacked in neat piles, four-star dinners.

Because that's life, my life, right now.

Because I'm grateful that's the way life is (even when it is maddening). 

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